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Meiko Dishwasher

Meiko dishwasher are renown all over the world. Meiko’s job is to make the world a cleaner place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning and disinfection. Starting out 90 years ago in a garage in the Black Forest – now they operate all around the globe. The unifying force behind all production sites in Germany, China and the USA is the outstanding Meiko quality. The curved M, which stands for “Made by MEIKO”, is a symbol of that quality. It guarantees clean solutions for their customers wherever and whenever they need them.

Founded in 1927 by Eng. Oskar Meier and Franz Konrad, Meiko moved from the modest origins of five men in a workshop in the German town of Offenburg, to becoming a global brand and business with subsidiaries and stakes in companies on every continent.  This dynamic growth is owed to the people who work at Meiko, helping it achieve its goals every single day.

About the Ramadi Group

For over 3 decades the Ramadi Group has helped restaurant & hotel leaders improve their kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.