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Rational Ovens

In 1976 Rational ovens developed their first combi-steamer and have since been constantly working on continuously improving it. It all began with the idea of combining steam and convection cooking into a single appliance. Yet Rational ovens has never just been content with being a mechanical engineer. They see themselves as an innovative solutions provider. 

This vision has transformed Rational into a global market and technology leader. Rational products are an integral part of many industrial kitchens all over the world.

With over 750,000 Rational appliances on the market, their appliances have become a standard in professional kitchens all over the world. And what they’re particularly happy about is that 93% of global customers confirm that Rational offers maximum customer benefit. Definitely one reason why almost all of them would also recommend Rational.

About the Ramadi Group

For over 3 decades the Ramadi Group has helped restaurant & hotel leaders improve their kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.