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Vianen Kitchen Ventilation

Vianens’ ventilation systems excel by a variety of advanced technical features making them a high-performance, low maintenance solution even for the most demanding environments. Canopies can be produced in seamless lengths of six meters and are entirely of stainless steel 304 DIN 4301 satin finish.

  • The Vianen hoods are double skinned and insulated according to customer requirement.
  • Vianen has its own UV technology with unique safety features.
  • The Vianen Fecon filter stops fire from entering the duct work . A fire certificate of this test is available.
  • The maximum pressure drop over each Fecon filter is maximum 100Pa . This makes the selection of the fan simple.
  • The VIANEN hoods are equipped with hanging brackets for easy installation.
  • Short delivery times when required.

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