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Kyo Restaurant

The Kyo restaurant brings an authentic Japanese atmosphere and food to the Golden Mile on The Palm Jumeirah, and the Ramadi Group has done it's kitchen layout, supply and installation.

  • Location: Golden Mile - The Palm Jumeirah
  • Type: Independent Restaurant
  • Budget: 500K - 1M

The Kyo restaurant brings a hint of Japan to Dubai, allowing guests to experience an authentic glimpse into this inspiring culture and cuisine.

Meaning both ‘Today’ and ‘Entertainment’ in Japanese, Kyo is about accepting each day and making the most of every moment.

This ultra-stylish restaurant boasts both indoor seating, arranged in a social and contemporary design, and an impressive outdoor lounge, with reserved sections for private gatherings.

The lounge style seating, authentic Japanese cuisine, attentive service and unforgettable ambiance at KYO combine to bring a one-of-a-kind dining experience to the city.

About the Ramadi Group

For over 3 decades the Ramadi Group has helped restaurant & hotel leaders improve their kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.