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Morelli’s Gelato Dubai

The Ramadi Group supplied, installed & commissioned professional equipment for the Morelli's Gelato dubai branches.

  • Location: Dubai Mall
  • Type: International Franchise
  • Budget: xxx

The Morelli family has been making ice cream for five generations to a trademark recipe which was introduced into the UK in 1907, when Giuseppe Morelli, after emigrating from Italy, started selling it from the back of his bicycle.

The first Morelli’s ice cream parlor was opened on the seafront in Broadstairs, Kent in 1932. This iconic store still proudly serves customers today and represents the very best of the Art Deco parlors from the heyday of British seaside life.

But the Morelli’s always wanted to open the “best ice cream parlor in the world” which they did in November 2003, when Morelli’s Gelato opened its first concession in the famous food halls of Harrods.

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