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Pizza Express

We helped this global British casual dining chain - famous for their pizza - with their kitchen workflow and the best equipment.

  • Location: Dubai Mall
  • Type: Italian Cuisine
  • Budget: xxx

Pizza Express’s passion for Italian food can be traced back to our founder, Peter Boizot and his love affair with Italy.

Unhappy with the pizza in London, he shipped over an authentic oven, knocked down a wall to squeeze it in, and opened the very first restaurant on Wardour Street in 1965.

He chose vibrant Soho for what was, at the time, a radical venture. And it paid off. As the restaurant opened its doors, everyone from fashionable Londoners to the man in the street flocked to get a slice.

About the Ramadi Group

For over 3 decades the Ramadi Group has helped restaurant & hotel leaders improve their kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.