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Royal Orchid Dubai

The Ramadi Group supplied, installed and commissioned professional kitchen equipment to the Royal Group Dubai locations.

  • Location: Multiple
  • Type: Chinese Cuisene
  • Budget: xxx

Royal Orchid is multiple award-winning restaurant, offering a meticulously crafted menu of robust yet delicate flavors from Thailand, China, Japan and other corners of the great Far-East.

Situated in the most iconic locations of Dubai, Royal Orchid Restaurants offer a unique culinary experience of the most popular Far-Eastern cuisines.

There is a good selection of starters, such as crunchy chicken spring rolls and dim sum filled with veggies and seafood. Most memorably, though, the service is fast and friendly, so you’ll feel obliged to leave a decent tip.

About the Ramadi Group

For over 3 decades the Ramadi Group has helped restaurant & hotel leaders improve their kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.