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The Sum of Us

We helped Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez open The Sum of Us - their second outlet in Dubai - with layout, installation and supply of professional kitchen equipment.

  • Location: Burj Al Salam Tower - Trade Centre
  • Type: Independent Restaurant Chain
  • Budget: xxx

A little history goes a long way. Back in 2011, Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez crossed paths. Tom, a chef and foodie from Melbourne and Serg, a savvy F&B operations director from Madrid. And so came the aim… to make great, specialty coffee and nutritious, gourmet food accessible to all.

And so The Sum of Us was born. Like proud mothers, we make everything from scratch, we bake our own bread, roast our own coffee and fillet our own fish. Steeped in nostalgia, the smell of baking bread, roasted coffee beans, the clang of pots and pan, the bustles of breakfast to the magic of dinner time.

We use wholesome ingredients bursting with flavour to create dishes that are simple, but never basic. It is an artisan space, full of creativity and innovation. We encourage our customers to ask questions, discover answers and share in our journey to know more about the things we love.

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