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UNO Chicago Pizzeria & Grill

We worked with the US based UNO Chicago Pizzeria Grill - a casual dining franchise - on the kitchen layout, equipment list, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Location: Deira City Centre
  • Type: International Franchise
  • Budget: 500K - 1M

In 1943 – in a turn-of-the-century Victorian house on the corner of Ohio and Wabash in downtown Chicago – the legendary Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza was born.

It combined some old Italian recipes with the best meats, spices, vegetables and cheeses and baked them in a unique delicious deep dish crust. It wasn’t long before the tiny restaurant had more customers for its deep dish pizza than it could handle, so we opened Pizzeria Due across the street.

The two restaurants are still there today making that famous dough fresh every morning, as we do in every UNO kitchen across the world.

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